Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sterling went "Home"!

Sterling (now called George) couldn't wait to get on his trip. He's now at his very own forever home.

His new mom Carmeline writes:
It was very emotional for me when I saw George. I can't explain it. There is a picture of our first hug. Though the ride home was long, the weather was beautiful and it was incredible to me to see how well these dogs traveled. Think about it . . . I picked up two dogs I had never seen before, they had never seen each other, they both were recovering from surgeries, I put them both in my car and drove for four hand a half hours!! Wow! I am impressed!

We left here at 7AM, had both dogs by noon, back here at 4:30PM. Chrissy stayed on the seat behind me or on the couch in the back. She slept and looked out the window. George rode up front taking turns on my granddaughter's and my lap! Arriving home my granddaughter and I had about ten minutes before the visitors started. My family, I think, was as excited as I. It was quite a happening! George took everything in stride, gave hugs, leaned, and cuddled all night long. It was 8:30 before they all left. You and Tamara called to see how the transfer went. Chrissy fell fast asleep on the couch and George on the Recliner (typical male, female?) I was so exhausted I left them right there and went up to bed.

By the time Chrissy's new family got here at 2PM Sunday afternoon, I was getting attached to her. She is a very sweet, gentle soul, with such sad eyes. Her family was very excited to see her and take her home. (Let me just add here, that the only problem I had with all of this, is that Chrissy is a future Steeler fan!! I wanted to buy her a Browns bandanna, but there wasn't time)

George slept in my bed with me last night. He is very cuddly. He snores! He is getting familiar with the house and he is wanting to snuggle with Pez, his cat brother. They are being very calm with each other, looking and sniffing. Pez will take a while to actually cuddle with George, but once that happens I am sure they will be together all of the time!

I can't thank all of you enough for the work you do. It is amazing to me the dedication and care that is given to these very lucky dogs! I am lucky to have benefitted from all of your work! Thank you all so much!!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Handsome Sterling is now cozy and safe at his foster home.
While Sterling is waiting to go to his own special forever home, he wrote:
I am just chilling here in northern Illinois waiting to go home. We got about 7 inches of snow this weekend. I have a foster sister to play with when she lets me play with toys, we steal the toys from each other. She is a good sport. I have a cough and huff and puff alot. But I am on medication and once I am better I am all yours! I can't wait. I got me ears cleaned this morning, the little kids around here said 'stinky' we I got close to them.
I have a crate that I sleep in at night ,but lay in there when the gate is open too during the day. I am quite as a mouse at night. I feel cozy and secure in my new bedroom. I have blankets and I am right next to the heat and the back door so when I need to go potty I know where to go. I prefer staying inside and my foster mom needs to carry me outside to go potty, I prefer she stand outside with me too. I eat all my breakfast and dinner, I also love cheese. I don't play outside very much I really like being indoors. I know how cold it can get if you stay out too long. I really appreciate a warm house, people who love and care for me.

Here he plays with his foster sibling Ella.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sterling is about to start his new life!!

Illinois Birddog Rescue just pulled this cutiepie from an IL shelter and he's going into foster care this weekend.